Montgomery College, Takoma Park Campus, Commons Building Renovation Inspection Services

Project Name & Location:

Montgomery College Takoma Park Campus, Commons Building Renovation 7600 Takoma Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20812

Facility Type:

Higher Education

Project Owner:

Montgomery College 51 Mannakee Street, Rockville, MD 20850

Project Cost:


Project Completion Date:

November 2009

Our Education Project

Project Description

The Commons Building at the Tacoma Park Campus of Montgomery College has served as the campuses student union and activity center for over 25 years. The college has commissioned the redesign and remodeling of the entire building the suit the current needs of the Tacoma Park Campus. The redesign including several structural components including a new two story addition with a elevator shaft, addition of a new second floor in an existing two story open space, significant roof remodeling and structural steel façade work requiring new supports. The building also received entirely new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems which required numerous openings in the existing CMU walls, floor slabs, and metal roofing system. SNG Engineering, Inc. was involved in this project as an independent testing and inspection agency for all structural inspections. 

The scope of work was as follows:

1. Review of drawings and specifications prior to inspection.

2. Commercial field inspections including soils, subgrade, footings, slabs, vertical columns, steel reinforcement, structural steels, steel decks and roofs.

3. Concrete pour observation and testing including approving mix designs, cylinder testing, slump/unit weight/pressure/and volumetric per ACI & ASTM standards.

4. Inspect and approve vertical and horizontal formwork.

5. Geo-technical testing at site and laboratory including standard & modified.

6. proctor, allowance, Atterberg limits and sieve analysis Steel connection inspections.

7. Preparation of inspection reports and certifications. 8

. Structural and Geotechnical analysis and design for modifications due to site conditions or design changes.