Bayside Toyota

Project Name & Location:

Bayside Toyota Dealership, Prince Frederick, MD.

Facility Type:


Project Owner:

Bayside Toyota 1200 Solomons Island, Rd, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.

Project Cost:


Project Completion Date:

November 2009.

Bayside Toyota

Our Commercial Project

Project Description:

A Toyota Dealership in Prince Frederick had experienced a serious Fire that broke in Customer Service and Parts area, causing extensive damage in most of the structural members. The steel joists had all been damaged causing the Concrete Slab floor above to sag. The parts section of the building caught fire, completely destroyed the contents and damaged the concrete floor steel joist framing above. The concrete floor in the second floor above the parts bay has severely deflected and was unsafe. The block wall between the customer service lane and parts section had also bowed in at the top. The damage to second floor walls and roof area was limited to smoke and water damage.

SNG Engineering, Inc. was called upon to visually inspect the damage and Design Structural repairs needed. In addition, the second floor which was used for storage was to be converted into office spaces and locker rooms.

Scope of Work:

1.1 Structural Engineering:

  • – Site inspection of existing conditions and field measurements on May 28, 2008.
  • – Design new replacement floor trusses and concrete slab over the parts section that has been damaged by fire.
  • – Evaluate the existing floor over the show room and customer reception lane.
  • – Evaluate the existing beams and columns due to being in the vicinity of very hot fire and provide repair design as required.
  • – Structural evaluation of the leaning block wall between parts & Customer reception lane and provide repair design.
  • – Safety analyses of the fire damaged area for demolition and provide controlled demolition procedures.
  • – Review the new curtain wall design for wind loading.
  • – Prepare structural framing plans, section and details for permits and construction.

1.2 Architectural

  • – Prepare Architectural drawings for the first floor offices/ interior layout in the Parts section Prepare the drawings for the curtain wall replacement
  • – Prepare new door and window schedules.
  • – Review curtain wall design by vendor and provide comments.
  • – Provide fire blocking and fire separation wall design and details.

1.3 Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing:

  • – Prepare new HVAC system design and layout the supply and return ducts.
  • – Calculate the heating and cooling load and evaluate the Customer’s existing equipment if it be used for the cooling and heating.
  • – Prepare electrical lighting and power distribution design and drawings.
  • – Prepare new reflective ceiling plans for first floor parts section only.
  • – Prepare plumbing drawings as required for the bathrooms on first floor.