Montgomery College, West Parking Garage

Project Name & Location:

Montgomery College Rockville Campus Site Improvements Phase V 51 Mannakee Street, Rockville MD 20850

Facility Type:

Higher Education

Project Owner:

Montgomery College, Rockville Campus 51 Mannakee Street, Rockville, MD 20850.

Project Cost:


Project Completion Date:

January 2010.

Lead Designer:

Sachchida N Gupta

Lead Project Manager:

Vishal Gupta

Our Education Project

Project Description:

As a part of the IQC with Montgomery College for maintenance and improvements in all three campuses, SNG Engineering, Inc. was commissioned to Design a 30 ft. long and 6′ foot wide pedestrian bridge for the Montgomery College Germantown Campus. The bridge connects the campus parking lot to the rest of the campus spanning over an existing storm water management pond located at the west end of the campus. The design proposed a spread footing for the bridge that rangebetween 6 foot and 8 foot deep. The bridge structure comprised of a6 “thick Concrete Slab over W18 Beams braced by C12 channels at6′ spacing. The design allows the bridge to be light weight whichgives a sense of elegancy that is enhanced by the Aluminum Cablerailing running along the bridge 


Scope of services performed


1. Design & Construction Documents

  • – Elevated ADA Ramps
  • – Sidewalks
  • – Stairs
  • – Sundial Plaza
  • – Water Fountain
  • – Fire Lane Pavements and Curbs and Gutters – Loading Dock Ramps
  • – Catch Basins
  • – Balconies
  • – Retaining walls
  • – Hardscape improvements
  • – Building Exterior Renovations

Construction Inspection & Testing

  • – Subgrade Inspections
  • – Aggregate base placement
  • – Steel Reinforcement
  • – Concrete formwork and quality
  • – Concrete Cylinder Testing
  • – Soil Compaction Testing
  • – Pre-cast Trench Lid Placement
  • Inspection and Quality Control