Montgomery College, West Parking Garage

Project Name & Location:

Montgomery College, Takoma Park, West Parking Garage Special Inspections 7600 Takoma Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20812

Facility Type:

Higher Education

Project Owner:

Montgomery College 51 Mannakee Street, Rockville, MD 20850

Project Cost:


Project Completion Date:

January 201

Our Education Project


Project Description:

SNG Engineering, Inc. has been commissioned by the Colleges the Independent Testing and Inspection agency for this project. This project required SNG to use it geotechnical and structural expertise to construct the parking garage in a very constricted space with an accelerated construction plan of sixmonths. SNG provided full time support for construction management, testing, inspections and on-site geotechnical and structural design modification. The parking garage is built on forty-three caissons ranging in width from three to six feet and in height from fifteen to thirtynine feet. The site also required SNG to perform soil analysis,compaction testing and fill monitoring in the subgrade preparation phase.


The Scope of work for the project is as follows:

  • 1. Review of drawings and specifications prior to inspection
  • 2. Geotechnical testing and inspections including soils analysis and testing (proctors, Atterberg Limits, & Sieve analysis), test borings, control fill monitoring, and nuclear compaction testing, and verify USCS soil classification.
  • 3. Commercial field inspections including soils, subgrade, footings, slabs, vertical columns, steel reinforcement, structural steels, steel decks and roofs.
  • 4. Special Inspections for caissons including steel reinforcement, plumbness, bottom elevation verification and testing, and on site depth modification.
  • 5. Concrete pour observation and testing including approving mix designs, cylinder testing, slump/unit weight/pressure/and volumetric per ACI & ASTM standards.



  • 6. Inspect and approve vertical and horizontal formwork
  • 7. Geo-technical testing at site and laboratory including standard & modified proctor, allowance, Atterberg limits and sieve analysis.
  • 8. Steel connection inspections.
  • 9. Preparation of inspection reports and certifications
  • 10. Structural and Geotechnical analysis and design for modifications due to site conditions or design changes.