Montgomery County Salt Storage Structures

Project Name & Location:

Construction Inspection of three Road Salt Storage Structures

Facility Type:


Project Owner:

Department of General Services 11301 Schuylkill Rd Rockville, MD

Project Cost:

$120,000 – 150,000 per Unit

Project Completion Date:

December 2010

Our Commercial Project

Project Description

SNG Engineering, Inc. as the design team member of Centennial Contractors Enterprises under the Multi Task IDIQ contract awarded by the Dept. of General Services was asked to design/build three new salt structures at three different county depot locations. The county was in need of an increased road salt and sand storage capability in a limited time and cost scope. SNG Engineering, Inc. was responsible for the initial geo-technical studies of all three sites and working with the building provider on the design of the support structures and foundations. SNG Engineering, Inc. management team provided construction and project management services for the duration of the project. The construction management will include all quality control and inspections required. SNG was responsible for coordinating construction and site management activities between the general contractor, subcontractor, and County officials. The three structures were built with overlapping design and construction schedules. Under the same contract, SNG Engineering, Inc, as part of the design/build team, has completed over ten projects in the 2010 calendar year. Some of the projects completed in the year were the rehabilitation and renovation of two fire houses including completely new bunk rooms, ADA compliance renovations to County maintenance and Police Station Facilities.


Design & Construction Documents

– Geotechnical Exploration & Report – Soil Improvement Design – Precast support wall design review – Structural Steel design review

Construction Inspection & Testing

– Submittal Review – Subgrade Inspections – Control Fill Monitoring – Precast Footing and Wall Erection – Steel Assembly Inspections – Steel Erection Monitoring – Anchoring Inspections – Asphalt Placement Inspections and Testing – Quantity and Quality Control